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Allan and Will Fic

Because I haven't written in sooooo long, I'm not quite sure this is what I was I was expecting to happen when I started this one! 
This is my first Robin Hood fic, so I'd be interested to know what people think! 

Title: Their place
Characters/Pairing: Allan/Will
Spoilers: None as such
Rating: PG-13
Set: Mid-series. 
Summary: Allan and Will meet up in the forest. Again.

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oh! you pretty thing

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Well! These have taken me longer than the last lot! 
Mainly cos I've had less time, what with going to the Bowling For Soup Get Happy Tour last week (y), but here we go anyway! 

Feel free to use, but credit = love!

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oh! you pretty thing

Robin Hood Close Up Exhibition Nottingham Castle!

Righty-ho ho! Yesterday, I went to the Robin Hood Close Up Exhibition at Nottingham Castle, where there were a load of props and costumes from the beeb's series! It was so much fun, as I'm sure my best friend who went with me agrees! 
We even got to do a bit of archery... (even if I wasn't very good at it!) And it was a great day! 

There's some piccies from our day, if you want a looksie! 

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It was a super fun day!!!